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Message from head chef

Our first most phase to food industry was started in a small shop at Anawrahtar Road, Yangon on 26 th March, 1976. The year of 2020 was in our 45 years anniversary. During this period, we got commendable achievements opening 30 new outlets around Yangon. This result comes from our customers as a reward of our group’s mission that is we have always great pleasure to serve with safety and quality food as our first priority. As our second phase Innwa Cold Drink and Confectionary (ICC), our main new outlet, was established In 1999 and it could set a new record of customers’ recognition with largest market share. Then, we branched out Indian Chef (Fine Dining) that sells traditional food of northern part of India.

Dear Briyani and Cold drinks lovers,

It is great pleasure to say that our growth is mainly driven by not only customers’ smile and
trust in our products but also our efforts lead to continuous development of creation on
updated demands of consumers. Our commitment is we will move forward with new innovative
cooking methods and first class support for our loyal customers finding solutions for upcoming
challenges of market trend.


Keep fresh and delicious condition

For 45 years of long journey in food industry, the brand integrity of Nilar Biryani has been stood out as unmatchable one with its own version of quality control. Based on Indian traditional cooking method, Nilar family evolved the right solution to meet the taste of Myanmar people with an invention of harmonious twist of flavors. To ensure perfect quality, before cooking process, all ingredients are prepared for Food laboratory testing. Then, the way of preparation meat, marinated with a combination of healthy spices gives a flavorful smell and helps ease digestive process, refresh and enhance energy. Above all, cooking the best with goodwill is the trade mark of Nilar group.

Keep you stay healthy

To keep all customers healthy, all products under daily production management are sold fresh and are under systematic quality control in facilitated kitchen with modernized utilities. The balance point between the production line and consumers is using FDA certified ingredients including vegetable oil gives the advantages that are safe for health, suitable for obesities and diabetes, free from headache and dizziness and appropriate with any religious practices. To add more value to a fresh food with true taste, we follow recommended room temperature guidelines and never use ingredients left out overnight which are the main points of making healthy food.

Give you perfect service

Nilar Biryani and Cold Drink Group aims to give perfect service as the standard points following.
  • to be the best choice of consumers with better product and service quality
  • to build happy relationship with the partners of choice for serving their multi-celebrations such as donations, wedding, anniversaries, school fairs and other kinds of occasion.
  • to build happy relationship with customers and to meet their demands promoting door to door delivery service and online sale.
All kinds of product are available at least (50) units order.